Being the mother

A mother has an intrinsic hunch about her child's needs, be it nourishment for the body or the mind, and she provides naturally knowing what is best for her child. 

As a child I would wonder how my mother knew that I was up to mischief even though I would take all the care to hide my act. So, whether it was stealing money from her purse to go and buy myself an ice cream from the local tuck shop or lying to stay over at a friends place for homework when actually it was for a party, mama somehow managed to get wind of things and quiz me in such a manner that would slowly but surely confess. 
What was awesome was that she never punished me. Yes, she reprimanded me. And then proceeded to counsel me asking me w hy I did what I did and what the consequences could be for me to deal with. Eventually we would collectively conclude that I would not to do whatever I did again; and a lesson was entrenched for life!

When I became a mother I adopted the same philosophy of upbringing and added to this the freedom to question the ways of the world allowing them to make their own life's decisions on the value principles they wished to adopt. And I did so without judging my children or without an over bent bias. I did answer questions if they came to me for advice but largely I have let them take flight on their own terms. I did caution them of my fears and put things in perspective from my point of view but eventually let them ride the waves with their own skills and intellect. I trust my upbringing and although there were times that their judgement has proved wrong but dealing with that itself has been an education for them and they have come through stronger and with a larger belief in themselves and the confidence of soaring higher.


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